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Can I get reimbursed for my Estonian courses?

After completing a full-length course and passing an Estonian level exam, you are entitled to be reimbursed up to 320.00 euros per level. For more information, please read here: SA Innove https://www.innove.ee/en/examinations-and-tests/estonian-language-proficiency-examinations/compensation-costs-learning-estonian/

Can I take individual lessons?

Yes. If you prefer to take individual lessons or study together with a friend/partner/neighbor, we can arrange for such lessons. A tailored course will be developed along with an individual lesson plan.

Do I have to pay for a group lesson if I missed it?

Unfortunately, yes. A group lesson costs less but if it has been held, it means that the teacher prepared for it and ran it, having spent his/her time. We are already willing to provide you with the materials of the missed lesson and the homework as well as answer possible questions. We can oblige and refrain from charging you for no more than 2 missed lesson during a course.

Does the course price include the cost of the book?

No, it does not. Usually, we order the books for the whole group, so the book cost is added to the first invoice.

Does your school issue a course completion certificate?

A&E Language School issues a certificate only if a full level course has been completed. Otherwise, we will issue a statement with the course topics and the number of hours attended.

How big are your groups?

A&E Language school offers language studies in usual groups of no more than 8 people and small groups of no more than 5 people. You can also study in a pair with another student or take individual lessons.


How can I pay for the course? Where?

You pay the invoice that we issue after the contract has been signed. The invoice has all the necessary payment details: bank account numbers in Swedbank and SEB, reference number, period of study and the language for which you are paying. NB! It is necessary to put the reference number; otherwise, the payment does not go through.

How can I register for a course?

In order to register for a course, you can fill in a form on our website, call us, or write to us by e-mail or on Facebook.

What are your terms of payment? Do I have to pay for the whole course in a lumpsum?

Usually not. If the course length is more than one month, you pay per month, based on the number of academic hours according to the contract. NB! We have an advance payment system. The period of advance payment is 4 weeks.

What is the course length?

The length depends on the level and your current knowledge. According to the CEFR and the syllabi, approved by the Ministry for Education of Estonia, the lengths of courses are as follows:

  • A2 – 140 contact hours, 30 of which can be taken on-line;
  • B1 - 120 contact hours, 30 of which can be taken on-line;
  • B2 - 250 contact hours, 80 of which can be taken on-line;
  • C1 - 200 contact hours, 150 of which can be taken on-line.

Where can I take the language exam?

Etonian level examinations can be taken in Tallinn, Narva, Johvi and Tartu. Exams are held at the same time on the same days in all the cities. Exam dates are posted on the exam center webpage. https://www.innove.ee/en/examinations-and-tests/

Registration for the examinations ends on the 1st day of the month preceding the month of the exam.  All the exams are free of charge.

Which course shall I choose?

The choice depends on your goals and current knowledge.

If you have studied the language before, know question words, numbers, can speak a little about yourself and your family, and – most importantly, personal pronouns and 10-20 verbs, we can certainly offer you an A2-level course. If you do not know all the above-mentioned, you have start from zero.

If you want to improve your knowledge, you can choose a B1 or B2 level course. You can find out your level by completing a test on https://www.innove.ee/en/examinations-and-tests/estonian-language-proficiency-examinations/ or registering for a trial lesson or interview in our school.

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